Hyperactivity of the immune system is a
life-threatening condition

In a normal immune response, upon the intrusion of a foreign entity into the blood stream, first responders – macrophages and dendritic cells – are rushed in. Upon arrival, they release alert signals – cytokines – that in turn call in specialized immune cells aimed at destroying the invader. This attack by specialized immune cells results in a large population of dying cells, which are devoured by macrophages through a series of special cell-to-cell signalling. This devouring serves two purposes: a) it clears the blood stream of dying cells, and b) it serves as a relaxation signal for the first responders, who then set off a series of signals that send the immune system back into its normal, balanced state.

Hyperactivity of the immune system, referred to as a cytokine storm or Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS), is a systemic inflammatory response in which cytokine release spirals out of control, leading to severe immune attacks on multiple healthy organs, which may result in organ damage, multiple organ failure, and mortality

A cytokine storm can be triggered by factors such as viral, bacterial and fungal infections, i.e. sepsis – as well as by complications following bone-marrow transplantations, i.e., GvHD.


Cytokine storms cannot be treated with traditional single-target drugs

A complex, multifaceted reaction, these storms may involve cytokines of differing compositions and amplitudes, and thus resist “single molecule, single target” therapeutic strategies. They require a more comprehensive, integrated approach that shifts the therapeutic paradigm to cell-based immunotherapy, which recently proved efficient in other complex and difficult-to-treat indications.

Allocetra™ Immune rebalancing

Allocetra™ is an innovative immunotherapy that is being developed to rebalance a life-threatening unbalanced immune system, using the immune system’s own natural regulation mechanisms. By intelligently engaging macrophages and dendritic cells, Allocetra™ is designed to avert cytokine storms and restore safe immune balance – without suppressing the immune system.

Mechanism of action

Clinical focus

Our clinical development programs focus on preventing or treating complications associated with sepsis, COVID-19, bone-marrow transplantations and solid tumors.

Our most advanced product candidate, Allocetra™, has been developed for the treatment of cytokine storms, organ damage and multiple organ failure in sepsis patients and in COVID-19 patients. It has also demonstrated clinical potential for the prevention of complications post bone marrow transplantations.

Additionally, we are currently examining the potential for collaborations to initiate clinical studies to evaluate the efficacy of Allocetra™ in combination with other treatments for better efficacy in treating solid tumors.

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