Hyperactivity of the immune system is a
life-threatening condition

referred to as a cytokine storm or Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS), is a systemic inflammatory response in which cytokine release spirals out of control, leading to severe immune attacks on multiple healthy organs, which may result in organ damage, multiple organ failure, and mortality.

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Allocetra™ immune rebalancing

Allocetra™ is an innovative immunotherapy that is being developed to rebalance life-threatening hyperactivity of the immune system, using the immune system’s own natural regulation mechanisms. By intelligently engaging macrophages and dendritic cells, Allocetra™ is designed to avert cytokine storms and restores safe immune balance – without suppressing the immune system.

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We put out storms

Rebalancing immune responses without suppressing the entire system

  • Cytokine StormCytokine Storm
  • Allocetra™ infusionAllocetra™ infusion
  • Macrophage feedingMacrophage feeding
  • Alert signals decreaseAlert signals decrease
  • Normal immune stateNormal immune state
  • A Cytokine Storm is a systemic inflammatory response in which cytokine release spirals out of control, resulting in severe immune attacks on multiple healthy organs.
  • Allocetra™, comprised of billions of densely concentrated early-apoptotic (dying) cells, is infused into the patient’s blood stream.
  • Macrophages and dendritic cells, which, among other things, have the primary functional role of clearing apoptotic cells from the body, feed on the infused cells.
  • While digesting the dying cells, macrophages and dendritic cells undergo a process of toleration, become less aggressive, and release fewer alert signals.
  • This results in lowered expression of cytokines, rebalancing the immune system to its normal state.
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We wish to save lives everywhere,
by promoting the immuno-balance paradigm

Indication Global
Market Size
EU Conditional
Marketing Approval
Post EU
US Phase 3
Treatment of organ failure associated with Sepsis $33B   Completed Phase IIb Initiation Q4 2020    
Treatment of organ failure associated with COVID-19 $1B   Completed Phase II Ongoing    
Prevention of post-Bone Marrow Transplantations (BMT) complications $3B     Phase IIa Completed, Phase II Initiation 2022    
Solid tumor “immune checkpoint” microenvironment modulation $4B Completed        
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Our Mission

Is to establish new equilibriums – both in patients’ immune responses and in the field of immunotherapy. As a clinical-stage company focused on specialized cell immunotherapy, we intend to develop and commercialize an allogeneic drug pipeline designed to rebalance all manners of immune hyper-responses.

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Strong leadership,
inspired by great science and a sense of mission

Our management, clinical advisors, personnel, and affiliates have extensive knowledge in the treatment of immune and inflammatory disorders, and expertise in the research and development of therapies based on apoptotic cell clearance.

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